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Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Rudolph Riccio

2,996 blogs and websites will unite today to pay tribute to one hero* by writing about thier life.

This blog honors Mr. Rudolph N. Riccio.

Rudolph Riccio was one of 2,996 people who lost his life on that infamous September 11, 2001 day.

  • Many, many hours of research did not provide a picture of Mr. Riccio.
  • I could not locate any personal tributes left to him on the countless 911 websites.
  • One group,, made a quilt in memory of the 911 victims. Mr. Riccio’s quilt-block listed his age incorrectly. But also on this quit block is the only bit of history shared on the internet about this gentleman.

Mr. Riccio’s life was lost, but not forgotten even though he was not personally and lavishly memorialized online. Mr. Riccio spent his last moments in the World Trade Center in the employ of Cantor Fitzgerald in the IT Department. Certainly fellow surviving workmates have fond memories of Mr. Riccio.

A lack of internet photos does not mean a lack of memories. Meg, Mr. Riccio’s sister became his “mother” when he was a teen after the death of both their parents. On the quilt block you can read about an incident that demonstrated Mr. Riccio’s sensitivity. This small bit of history shows a small portion of a man who lived, loved, and labored. (Click on the photo to read the story.)

An incorrect age does not negate the fact that Rudolph N. Riccio lived a full life. One that included . . .
  • Wife, Joanne
  • Sister, Meg
  • Work mates from Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Neighbors from the Bronx, where he spent his whole life
  • Friends

Will you join me in prayer? Dear Heavenly Father, please pour out a special portion of your grace and strength upon all those who lost loved ones and friends in the 911 tragedy. Help each one to see Your hand of blessing. Help each one to make peace with this situation and to make peace with you. Amen.

Evidence suggests that Mr. Riccio "was a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities."*

We don’t need to know more details to know that even though cut short . . . Mr. Rudolph Riccio’s life impacted others and made a difference. He was a hero.

Project 2,996 is dedicated to remembering all those who died 9-11-2001. Go here to read the rest of the memorials.


  • At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thanks for doing this susan. A beautiful way to commemorate the day.

  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger Susan said…


    It is special to be able to be part of a group memorial. My sista wrote one up too at


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