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Fruitful Words & Well-Done Work - That's what I want to be known for in life. One way to stay focused is to be accountable. "From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him." Psalm 12:14 NIV "Well-spoken words bring satisfaction; well-done work has its own reward." Psalm 12:14 The Message

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Suprise is OVER - I Moved. . .

Do NOT stay here. Immediately click here to find my new home.

Thank you sista for my new look.

Please be patient while I learn the rules for my new pad.

Highlights from December 1-9

Here's the BEST of my last week . . .

  • Friday, Dec 1 – Turned in all finals for school. I received an A for the Pastoral Understanding of Women class. I loved that class, the classmates and teacher. I haven’t heard about my grade for the Discovering Your Ministry Potential class. However, it’s a pass/fail and I’m sure I passed.
  • Saturday – Helped set-up for and played at the Secret Sister party. What a blast! Legal stealing, legal food (no calories you know), and lots of laughter. 38 women joined us that night. Lovely food – we need some of those recipes for the next cookbook.
  • Sunday – The nieces and I wrote, produced and performed a lovely show for the “rents return. I played Go Tell it on the Mountain on the piano (right hand only) and was accompanied by S who sang and K who played her violin. I’ve always wanted to do something like that! We plan on having another show at Christmas. This time I hope to play a song with both hands.
  • Monday – Watched Akeelah and the Bee. Very motivational. Good acting. If you haven’t seen this –DO! Thanks to CR for letting me borrow the DVD.
  • Tuesday – Saw The Polar Express at the Imax with three from church. Not just anyone could get in that night! Channel 10 sponsored a coat drive. The admission was a child’s coat. Thanks JH for letting me know about this. The 3-D movie was truly magical on that big screen. Can you hear the bells ring?
  • Wednesday - Drove around looking at Christmas lights with my sista’s familia. So far the best lights are on Agena off Huntsman in Rosemont. Practically the whole court is lit up. Thanks again to JH for this info. Anyone know of a must-see house or street?
  • Thursday – Dinner and an Advent worship time with the dear I family. Dinner was a sausage casserole topped with croutons. Crunchy tastiness. I loved hearing M and S read and explain how prophecy is a part of our Advent preparation. Their focus wasn’t just on learning. It is about preparing our hearts for Christ.

CNC's mommies group debuted today. I was able to spend some time with these lovely ladies and their lovely babies. It is a support group for mom's with nursery age children. It was sooo precious to see them crawling, talking, and sleeping. The babies not the mommies. If you want inforamtion, call me, the office, or RW.

  • Friday – Found some winter clothes, lost more weight, and spent a NICE evening with my sista. We are involved in a project that will impact me and you, the readers. BUT, I’m not telling now!!

Oh yes – I also had the privilege of attending K and S’s award ceremony at school. Both received awards – ‘Natch! (I hope that didn’t come off as too braggish.)

  • Saturday – Christmas tree chopping is slated for this afternoon. It’s a bit drizzly so we’ll have to see if that’s still a go.

I am blessed!

What are some of your December highlights? Leave a comment here or on your own blog. Do let us know if you do write something at your own place.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Easiest Weight Loss Tip EVER . . .

Drink water!

Yep, that’s it. About 10-12 cups a day.

I mentioned here that I’ve lost 15 pounds without trying. Drinking more water is how.

I have not (consciously) been doing anything else differently. In fact, I wasn’t drinking more water to lose weight. I started because it was an easy health action I could implement. One Sunday I put on my dress shoes and they were loose! That’s the first place I noticed the weight loss.

I have not noticed increased skin moisture, memory or energy. I’ve heard that the last two are also side-benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water.

There are increased bathroom trips. Read below to find out why.

As you continue to give your body all the water it could ask for, it gets rid of what it doesn't need. It gets rid of the water it was holding onto in your ankles and your hips and thighs, maybe even around your belly. . . Your body figures it doesn't need to save these stores anymore; it's trusting that the water will keep coming, and if it does, eventually, the flushing (of both the body and the potty) will cease, allowing the human to return to a normal life.

“But it’s so yucky to drink that much water,” you say. I used to say that too. I helped myself by drinking it hot, in a class with ice cubes, sipping it through a straw and by adding lemon or lime slices or squirts from concentrate. Now, I actually LIKE drinking that much water. (I used to drink maybe 3 cups daily.)

Go here to get more ideas on how to drink more.

Well, that’s my Works-For-Me-Wednesday tip.

Share your best tip at Shannon's. Or go to Shannon’s, Rocks-In-My-Dryer, to read other great tips.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Nativity Filled Our Time and Minds

Sunday’s To-do List included:

X Worship at Church
X Clean house for Welcome Home party
X Decorate for party
X Make chocolates for party
X Practice Our Show for party
X Go to Dollar store to buy gifts for party
X Go to movies to see The Nativity

Going to the movies was a way to fill time until the party. And it was a fun way to fill our minds with the Christmas Story.

Things I liked about the movie:
  • The actors did not have white skin, blue eyes, and an American accent.
  • The scenery (for lack of a better word) was great. I liked seeing how the dress, buildings, landscape, and jobs (olive crushing, harvesting, shepherding) might have been done during Biblical times.
  • It showed how it was a dangerous time. The people were captives to the Romans and Herod. There was great tension. It was obvious that the people needed a Rescuer, a Saviour.
  • Some struggles Mary, Joseph and her parents have are revealed. I.e. It was a very courageous thing for Mary to say to the Angel, "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." Then the angel left her. Saying "yes" to God meant hardship for herself and her family.
  • It was mostly faithful to the Biblical account. Some of the timing of the events seemed out-of-order, but this did not hinder the enjoyment or effectiveness of the movie.

Other comments:

  • About ¾’s of the way through my nieces (5, 9,10) started to fidget. This is not a high action movie. I haven’t asked them yet if they thought it was too long.
  • It has illusions to violence and real life pain. Like when . . . A daughter is forcibly taken by soldiers as payment for taxes . . . Herod’s soldiers kill the babies 2 and under . . . Rebels are punished and seen crucified . . . Elizabeth and Mary have their babies. There is a lot of screaming but no blood and gore. . . Mary, her family and Joseph are ostracized by their village because of Mary’s untimely pregnancy . . . John the Baptist is circumcised (as a baby).

    The movie does not dwell on these things, but it is good to know about in case you want to have follow-up talks with your kiddos.

    I LOVED Joseph. His character was the most developed one in the movie. His care for Mary is evident from the beginning and is so touching. He also displays great courage in taking Mary as a wife and taking the two of them on that 100 mile trek to Bethlehem. I had no idea it was so difficult.

    This movie does provide plenty of subjects to talk about with your children. Especially the courageousness Mary and Joseph displayed when following God’s will. The older two nieces were grossed out that a teenage Mary (like around BW’s age) would have to marry someone so old (like around my son’s age).

    I also LOVED that the audience clapped at the conclusion. Christ’s entrance into the world certainly does deserve clapping. How Mary and Joseph responded to God's will deserve clapping. Isn’t that a fitting way to end a movie about Christ?

    What comments do you all have about The Nativity? Leave a comment or write an entry on your blog and let us know.

How I Lost 15 Pounds

Sorry, I'm not going to tell today. (See # 4 at this link.)

I'll be posting this on Works-For-Me-Wedensday. There are a whole bunch of tips posted each Wednesday over at Shannon's. Have a looksee now in her archives for great ideas.

Be sure to come back here on Wednesday for my weight loss tip.

Hot Chocolate! A Polar Express Drink

A month ago I posted my 100th blog entry and wrote 100 things about me.

#98: I hope to see The Polar Express at the movies this year. I especially like the dance and song about hot chocolate.

WELL - I'm going to the IMAX theatre on Tuesday to see it!
Below is the info.

News10 Coats for Kids Night at the Esquire IMAX Theatre Tuesday, December 5th, 7pm (Doors open at 6pm)

One coat donation (per person) gets you free admission to see the Polar Express 3-D! News10 will be broadcasting live for the 6pm newscast. Patty Souza will be there so come meet a News10 anchor! Location: 1211 K St., Sacramento

Life is good!

Wanna join us?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Life is Good When . . .

. . . You turned in your finals a day ago (Friday).

Read on for more answers.

  1. . . . You get special time with some of the nieces for the whole weekend! Come back Monday and I'll tell all.
  2. . . . The women's White Elephant party was a blast. Dessert was even served at the top of the buffet line. Check the bulletin board for photos! Ladies, some of the food served tonight did not have a matching recipe in our cookbook! Turn them in soon. We are already collecting recipes for the next book.
  3. . . . You hear that your oldest sweet niece (J) is having a sweet baby girl, Emma Francine, on April 15.
  4. . . . You've lost 15 pounds, Yep! I just checked the scale. Wanna know my secret? Come back on Monday and I'll spill all those beans too.
  5. . . . You find a present from an anonymous giver on your front porch. Hopefully you are reading this. I will enjoy my pampering items very much!
  6. You get to read a book for fun. I am going to spend my time with Mitch Albom. Yep, you'll have to come back (probably won't be done by Monday) to find out which one.

My youngest niece (E) has one to add. "Life is good when one of your bruises pops off!"

So . . . how has life been good to you?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

4 Reasons to Buy a CNC Cookbook Today

Food interests everyone. Food connects people. Especially tasty food. The CNC cookbook is available for purchase and of course has recipes for tasty food. Contact a Women’s Ministry Team member and she’ll get you connected.

Below are four reasons you’ll want to buy your cookbook today.

  1. There are a limited number of books left. You don’t want to be the only CNC family member without one.
  2. This cookbook contains 350+ family-tested and family-loved recipes. You can cook any recipe and know that it’ll be a winner.
  3. The kid’s recipe section is darling. There are 24 unabridged recipes from CNC children ages 4-11.
  • You’ll find a recipe for Seth’s Pizza Man (p. 248) which you’ll want to start today since it takes 30,000 hours to cook.
  • Hannah’s Super Duper Homemade French Toast (p. 246) is a must try especially for those milk lovers as it calls for 7 cups of milk.
  • John’s chocolate chip cookie (p. 244) ingredient list is easy enough with 1 c. flour, 3 c. regular milk and 2 c. chocolate chips.
  • Have a hankering for strawberries in your eggs? Check out Emily’s Arnez Scrambled Eggs on page 242.

4. It only costs $14.99. At this price you can even buy one as a gift.

Come by the church to buy a book. If you want one sent to you, lmk.

Playing Hurt

Champions learn to play hurt.
A successful Jewish businessman once remarked to me, “Amateurs can produce when they feel like it. Pros can produce when they don't feel like it.” Spurgeon, like many great accomplishers, fought with a thorn in his flesh. by Fred Smith

Game Readies Ladies for Dec. 2nd Party

See ya’ll Dec 2nd, 6 pm at CNC. Bring your dozen appetizers and wrapped White Elephant gift.

Okay ladies; grab your purse and a pen. Check off each item below that you find in your purse. Count how many items you have.

The score card follows. It will describe what Christmas character you are and what action to take in order to get INTO the Christmas spirit.

□ Christmas shopping list
□ Christmas stamp
□ Christmas bow
□ Christmas card
□ Coupon for candy
□ Coupon for anything you are to prepare for the Christmas meal
□ Christmas bill or receipt
□ Pencil or pen with a Christmas picture or greeting
□ Christmas picture
□ Christmas key chain
□ Nov. 19th Bulletin with ladies Christmas party info (Give yourself 2 points.)

Number of items in purse:
Scrooge: Attend the White Elephant Christmas party to lose your humbug.
1-3. Grinch: Bring one (wrapped) Christmas item found in your home to swap grinchiness for joy.
4-6. George Bailey: Come from 6-8 p.m. to remember how fun it is to celebrate with CNC women.
7-9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Bring 1 dozen appetizers to light the way for Christmas cheer.
10-12: Santa and Mrs. Claus: You are over the top. But come to the party at CNC anyway.
Maybe you’ll rub off on the rest of us.

See ya’ll Dec 2nd, 6 pm at CNC. Bring your appetizers and wrapped White Elephant gift.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Man Cannot Live On Chocolate Alone; But Woman Sure Can

I've been experimenting on chocolate pies. "Yumm-O."

I donated one pie to last week's youth pie sale. And I took two pies to our Thanksgiving feast today.

Here's my current recipe. It's a combination of several recipes.

It takes about 5 minutes to put together.

  • 1- 8 oz bar of Hershey's dark chocolate - broken into small pieces
  • 16 large marshmallows
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1 graham cracker crust
  1. Put the following ingredients into a microwave safe bowl: broken chocolate, marshmallows, and 1/3 cup cream.
  2. Microwave until melted. Stir every (one) minute.
  3. Whip up 3/4 of the whipping cream until fluffy.
  4. Fold the whipped cream into the cooked (still warm) chocolate mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed.
  5. Pour into graham cracker crust. Refrigerate. Let set for at least 30 minutes.

I'm not sure what would happen if you didn't whip the cream before hand. One of these days I'll make it without doing that step. I'll let you know the results.

I do know this about dark chocolate: "In the beginning, the Lord created chocolate, and he saw that it was good. Then he separated the light from the dark, and it was better." Anonymous

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BUT Retreat is like birthday cake

"Date Night is like apple pie. It's best if you don't have to share it with too many people."

"Retreat is like birthday cake. Lots of people sharing it means lots of people at the party. With gifts. The gifts women bring to retreat are themselves; humor, insight, experience, love. And everyone shares the best gifts with everyone." by Joan Spangler, a retreat 2006 attendee

It's that time of year: signing up for Retreat 2007. Below are some details. Call me if you have any questions.

To-do list:
· Write retreat date on calendar: June 29-July 1, 2007.
· Read the Retreat details below.
· Complete the form from the previous post
· Write a check for the deposit. ($50.00)
· Turn both into the office at 10600 Coloma Road.
· Do Today!

Information on . . .

Lodge Rooms:
  • $150 per person
  • Double occupancy
  • Three rooms are handicap accessible.
  • $125 per person
  • None are handicap accessible.

Cabins are variable occupancy.

  • Cabin # A – 2 people
  • Cabin # B – 2 people
  • Cabin # 33 – 11 people - this cabin has one bunkbed.
  • Cabin # 54 – 4 people
  • Cabin # 56 – 4 people


  • Reservations are now being accepted for 70 slots.
  • Reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Final payment is due Sunday, March 25, 2007.

Women’s Retreat 2007 Registration Form: June 29 - July 1

I don’t want to miss out, please sign me up!

Grab a form from church (found in the brochure) or send in your own with the following information. I'd love to see you there!

$50 deposit (at a minimum) must accompany form.

Phone Number:
Email Address:

I’m including my check for:
__ Deposit of $50 for lodge room.
__ Deposit of $50 for cabin room.
__ Full payment of $150 for a lodge room.
__ Full payment of $125 for a cabin room.
__ Other _____________________
__ Scholarship. List $ amount & person:

__ I need a handicap accessible room.
__ If in a cabin, list cabin # preference. ____________

I’m interested in carpooling as a:
__ Driver.
__ Passenger.
I have spoken to someone about being my roommate.
__ No.
__ Yes. If yes, list the name(s):

I have special dietary needs which are: